World Bank Meeting, Mass Grave Initiative Legal Support…and A Bacon Cheeseburger


Since the purpose of my daily installment is to let those who care about me know that I am OK and to discuss my activities, I will use today’s post to accomplish both with an economy of words.I am alive, but thoroughly exhausted.

World Bank logoAs for my activities, here are my main accomplishments for today;

  1. I had a great meeting with the head of the World Bank in Port au Prince
  2. One of Haiti’s most prominent attorney’s agreed to assist me with legal issues pertaining to the mass grave initiative, and
  3. I discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant where I had a fantastic bacon cheeseburger — a first for me in Haiti!
Overall, another good day.
About Jim Lange

Tampa businessman Jim Lange established the Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC (HR&DC) with the sole purpose of helping Haiti and its people. Jim has committed to dedicate a major portion of his remaining professional life to this cause.