Jim Lange Audits HR&DC Introduced Microfinancing in Mole St. Nicolas


Haiti Trip (March); Day Five:

It’s been said that the best bridge between hope and despair is a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately for me, last night the bridge was closed.

In any event, in a few minutes I will depart for the airport in Port au Prince en-route to Mole Saint-Nicolas. Since Mole does not have Wi-Fi or cell coverage, this post will represent today’s installation by noting my “on-tap” activities.

Mole St. NicolasImmediately upon arrival in Mole, my colleague (Reginald) and I will begin touring potential sites for the introduction of both chicken and goat farming operations.

We will also tour, for the third time, a local health clinic that I have targeted for transitioning from a rural clinic into a Level One hospital.

As for this evening, after the sun has gone down, I will participate in a town-hall styled meeting with 120-140 spirited Haitians. During this gathering I will audit the progress of the microfinancing program in Mole St. Nicolas, that HR&DC introduced in late 2012.

At the end of our meeting Reginald will formally announce that we have acquired property in Mole and that we will begin establishing a permanent presence in their community starting in April. I anticipate that this news will be met with great joy and some rum will surely follow!

That’s it for now. Have a great Saturday and I’ll check back in on Sunday when I return to Port au Prince.

Be well…

About Jim Lange

Tampa businessman Jim Lange established the Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC (HR&DC) with the sole purpose of helping Haiti and its people. Jim has committed to dedicate a major portion of his remaining professional life to this cause.