Message in a Bottle


Our everyday map of the world tells us that Haiti is an island.

Of course, there is a larger map that says the earth, too, is an island. Both maps reflect the truth, it’s only our perspective that differ.

message_in_a_bottle_haitiOn my journey, I have discovered that we are all castaways, and that we fall into two main categories:

  1. Those who send at out messages in a bottle, and
  2. those who retrieve and answer the messages.

Both activities, sending and receiving, reflect the truth of our existence, only our perspectives at the moment differ.

For the last eight days, I have retrieved and answered as many messages as my soul could endure.

I’m tired and it’s now time for me to go home. This is my message and this post is my bottle.

Be well…

About Jim Lange

Tampa businessman Jim Lange established the Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC (HR&DC) with the sole purpose of helping Haiti and its people. Jim has committed to dedicate a major portion of his remaining professional life to this cause.