Out of the Abyss – Mass Grave in Titanyen


Haiti Trip (March); Day Two:

*transcribed by Alex via phone

While today’s activities centered around two particular topics, this post will focus on a very unexpected occurrence.

heavy equipment haitiDuring a discussion about a job creation initiative for Mole St. Nicolas, a gentleman revealed that he had been personally responsible for the creation of the second largest mass grave in Titanyen. The bulldozers and backhoes used were his, and this fact has not ever been shared publicly. His brother-in-law and best friend (who was in attendance at the meeting) was unaware that he had participated with the burials.

This startled me and the others in attendance and when I asked why he had chosen that moment to share his involvement, his response was simple – “Because I finally met you.”

Today I climbed down into the abyss and unlike previous trips, I brought someone back out with me.

That’s all I’d like to say for now. Good night.

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