8 Major Obstacles To Land Ownership & Development In Haiti

In most real estate transactions, the three most important factors to consider when buying land are: location, location, location.  In Haiti’s real estate market, these 8 factors obstruct every potential real estate transaction:

  • Haiti is an island and, as such, land is a finite commodity
  • Elite families own and control most of Haiti’s useable real estate
  • Land, when available, is disproportionately priced compared to the country’s GDP
  • Haitian law is fickle with regard to ownership
  • Land transactions and general recordkeeping is haphazard, at best
  • Foreign companies fear investment due to Haiti’s turbulent past
  • The majority of Haitians are poor and speculative business ventures are not a part of Haitian culture
  • The Government of Haiti’s history regarding land transaction is troublesome

It would be easy to vilify Haiti’s elite, and the Government of Haiti, for the quagmire surrounding Haiti’s reconstruction efforts.  However, throwing rocks is never a suitable substitution for pouring concrete.  Instead, I encourage all parties to find a way to come together for the benefit of Haiti, even if one party’s reward is higher than the others.  History awaits the bold, and in time we will see who was bold enough to lead Haiti’s Renaissance.

These are my thoughts.  I believe Haiti’s rebirth can occur through leadership and compromise.  What are your thoughts?

How are you willing to step up to the task?  See how you can get involved, we would love to hear from you!

About Jim Lange

Tampa businessman Jim Lange established the Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC (HR&DC) with the sole purpose of helping Haiti and its people. Jim has committed to dedicate a major portion of his remaining professional life to this cause.